Choose your Nissan LEAF for every driving style. A selection of driving modes are available to help manage performance and range, with the help of an extended charging network. Nissan LEAF takes you where you want to go, in a simply amazing way.

Up To 311km Range. Full Charge Of 40kwh Battery

More than just a daily commute, the Nissan LEAF gives you the freedom to go farther than ever before. A new 40kWh battery takes your average range to 311km, a 60% increase from the prior Nissan LEAF generation, so you can go places you never thought you could.

(Based on New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) Test Mode. Actual driving range may vary depending on driving style, road conditions, outside temperature, air conditioning, payload and others)

Up To 320 Nm Torque 0-100km/h In 7.9 Seconds

It's a rush you never saw coming. Nissan LEAF's 100% electric drivetrain delivers instant acceleration as soon as you touch the pedal. Turn the wheel, and the fun continues, with a low centre of gravity that lets you hug the road.

Charge At Home

Wake up fully charged every morning. With an innovative charging system. It's never been easier or quicker to get moving. The latest model charging systems in the Nissan LEAF allows for easy and convenient charging.

Charge Up On The Go

With CHAdeMO charging stations, and more popping up all the time, you'll never be far from your next charge, or even a very quick top-off. It's never been easier to keep driving with confidence.

Wall Box Charger

The wall box charger (TYPE 1) comes standard with your Nissan LEAF.

Quick Charger

Charge in a flash. The fastest way to charge up your Nissan LEAF.

6.6kw Charging, Dedicated Charging Hubs (Free Of Charge)

7 hours fully charged = 311km of range, 30 minutes charging = approx. 22km of range.

(Based on New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) Test Mode)

Public Quick Charging Stations

1 hour fully charged = 311km of range, 15 minutes charging = approx. 78km of range.

(Based on New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) Test Mode)

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Nissan LEAF’s battery pack has been developed in-house, rigorously tested, and has an extraordinary record of reliability, meaning you can feel confident you are driving some of the best battery technology around.

Lightweight, Compact And High-efficiency Powertrain

The e-Powertrain powers our EVs and removes the need for an internal combustion engine. It is a lightweight, compact system that produces extremely low vibrations and generates instant torque.

Eco Mode And B Mode

Eco Mode - Limits the motor's output and conserve energy. It also slightly increases regenerative braking and optimises aircon settings.

B Mode - Maximize your range for a more aggressive regenerative braking.


Use Nissan LEAF as a backup source of power for your home. Charge your Nissan LEAF and provide power back to your home any time you want.
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